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Friday, 24 July 2015

Mid-winter rain in Gauteng

Mid-winter, July 2015, and it's raining, it's pouring!! Unusual for Gauteng... I'm really grateful for the rain, everything has been so dry and dusty, but at the same time I'm worried about all my succulents - it has been freezing cold and together with the wet I'm not sure if they will all survive...

Here in Gauteng we're not used to cold AND wet, that's Cape weather. When I lived in Cape Town, that was one of the most disturbing phenomena for me - cold, rain and wind, all together! Here in Gauteng, the weather is organised - rain in summer, cold in winter and winds in August! I don't know if Mother Nature is confused or whether she knows exactly what she is doing... Maybe this is our first Spring rains? Yesterday I noticed tiny little green leaves on the Acacias (thorn trees), and I thought that was rather odd, right in the middle of winter.


Sunday, 5 July 2015

A misty winter's morn'

It's 7am and the morning is cold and misty. But I've heard that, when there is a lot of fog, it's going to be a beautiful sunshine day!

The now dead Zebra grass made a lovely bright contrast against the rest of the dark garden. Luckily it springs back to life early in Spring.

When I left for town at 8.30am, visibility was a mere 30-50m and one didn't see another car until you were almost on top of it. Sensibly, people were driving very slowly with their headlights on (never on bright, that just worsens the scenario as the bright lights cause a huge, impenetrable white spot making it impossible to see anything) and it took me double the time to get to town than normal.

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