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Saturday, 15 August 2009

My New Garden - Progress 8 - Jan - July 2009

Garden making, like gardening itself, concerns the relationship of the human being to his natural surroundings.
- Russell Page

Well, I've caught up with my posts on my new garden's progress an am now up to speed until June 2009. Cannot believe it's 2009 and half-way through already - it seems like yesterday that we were all expectantly awaiting the millennium and all the havoc it was expected to wreak upon computers, clocks, calendars and any equipment with a semblance of a date mechanism in it.

The next important date is looming just around the corner - 2012, and all the forecasts of doom. But all is not doom and gloom and we are heading towards Earth's entry into the Golden Age - read the full 2012 story HERE at The Nature of Earth...

It's January and the garden is in full bloom. Last Winter's rains just carried on right through into Spring! and I've decided to make a Rain Garden, as I have one spot where the water gushes down the down-pipe from the gutter and then floods all the indigenous grasses. Don't think they mind too much, but I will incorporate some pebbles, stones and rocks into the area, together with some water-loving plants.

Area for the Rain Garden - will remove the lawn on the right of the
picture and fill with water loving plants and pebbles and rocks.

January 2009 - The Aloes are now over a meter tall and I had to
move some plants to give them some more space.

The front door being obscured by the Tree Fuchsia (Halleria Lucida)

The Tree Fuchsia also sports berry-like pods.

The White Karees (Rhus Viminalis)providing lovely shade in the summer heat.

February 2009 - The wonderful Phormium again ... just goes on and on.

March 2009 - I built an aviary for Mai, my Mynah, with the help of Solly and Johnny, still needs a coat of paint. Mai absolutely hates to be in a cage, and has free access to the house and the garden all day long, but unfortunately she's still not quite independent yet and during the times that I do have to leave home to go to town, she spends a couple of hours in the aviary, loudly declaring her disgust upon my return and heading straight for her favourite spots in the garden to hunt some insects as soon as I open the door.

Mai eyeing the birdbath out before taking the plunge

Mai having a bath

Mai heading inside to dry off

Johnny, above, and Solly, below, who helped me build the Aviary.

March 2009 - the aloes are strong and sturdy and surely preparing to flower for the winter.

This Echevaria that I planted in an old piece of concrete block formed a lovely waterfall-like trail down the broken opening

June 2009 - the rain garden area has been prepared for planting in early Spring.

View from the patio over the garden

The Fiscal Shrike singing a winter sun with the Laughing Dove looking on.
Previously I watched this Shrike chasing and harassing the Laughing Dove before settling down for a song. And the Laughing Dove returned and joined him in the same tree!

The Laughing Dove is more worried about me photographing him than
any danger the Fiscal Shrike may be posing.

Jacko patiently waiting at the front door while I take photographs

June 2009: The ferns next to the pathway leading to the front door have already
been hit by the frost

The waterfall and fountain at the pond.

July 2009 : Unused corner on the deck - all the cushions stored in cupboards inside - much too cold to be sitting outside!

See you in Spring!


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