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Thursday, 12 September 2013

I would like my chooks to see you...

Won't you come into my garden? I would like my chooks to see you... 

If you love having a pristine garden, then don't even consider having free-range chickens. Having chickens in one's garden is a choice to set yourself up for having a less-than-perfect garden and permanently having to fix damaged and up-rooted plants.They spend a lot of time sand-bathing, leaving big holes wherever they can find lovely soft soil. In winter, when there is no grass to graze, many plants in the garden are their choice of greenery.

But my girls are all very special to me, even though they tend to wreak havoc in my garden, and I choose them over perfection in my garden. So won't you come in and meet the girls?

 Missy, sweet and loving

 Artemis - King of the roost

Chi-Chi - beautiful and regal

 ChickyBoo - bright-eyed and intelligent

Mr. Chook - second-in-command

Hettie - skittish and shy

Kiep - adorable and loveable

Megs - a very special lady

Micky - shy and a loner

Snooky and Snookums - the terrible twins


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