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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Along the garden path

I walked along the garden path
singing a song to myself
the jolly nasturtiums
the wispy willows
the trees singing a low song as I passed

as they sang to me I walked along
marvelling the beauty of the garden
the small path of rocks
leading to the pond in the middle of the maze of hedges

the birds and bees
praising the Sunday morning’s light
I sat and stayed a while
with my toes floating on the surface of the pond
with small fish cleaning my feet
I looked at the baby ducks crowding their mothers for protection
and looked at the big graceful fish in the pond
their shimmering scales sparkling as they caught the sun rays on their backs

I got up startling the turtle doves from their sunning
I walked around a little more marveling on how the soft grass tickled my toes
I sighed as I turned around to go back inside
as I walked along the garden path.
~ unknown

I just love garden paths and I have quite a few in my garden. They can be gravel, bricks, bark chips paving stones, it doesn't matter. They are also constantly changing, sometimes out of necessity, sometimes out of inspiration.

Many times a path appears where nothing wants to grow in the shade or when I need some way of getting deeper into the garden without trampling everything in my way. Sometimes a path appears around plants where the chickens wreak havoc, so also serving as a deterrent for them and their constant sand bathing!

But many times a path is planned, with all the necessary ground-work being done first. First I choose where I want the path, then everything is cleared away, the ground levelled and bricks carefully chosen for their shape and colour. After laying and packing all the bricks tightly together, the edges are secured with rocks and pebbles. Then comes the tedious job of carting wheelbarrows full of sand (I use building sand) and filling in all the gaps between the bricks. Sweeping it in with a broom works well. This normally needs another filling about a month later as the sand tends to settle and drop a bit below brick level.

Not all of these paths you see here are different pathways. Some are views of the same path but from a different angle or a different time of the year. My garden is quite over-grown now, so it's impossible to get a complete picture through the camera's viewfinder.

 Artemis strolling up the garden path

A pathway meanders past a bird bath

A path leading to the cottage in my previous garden

After a lovely shower

A pathway flanked by indigenous grasses

This part of the path is fast disappearing!

Nasturtiums and Bulbinella overtaking another part of the path



A fork in the road - which way shall I go?

Hope you enjoyed your walk with me, maybe we can do it again someday!



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