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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Late-November in the garden

A lost Salvia springing up amongst some ferns

We've had HOT temperatures this November, mostly exceeding 30℃ but luckily we've also had a fair amount of rain and everything is green and sparkling, my garden is exuding gratitude!

Barrel Cactus and Echinopsis cacti flowering

Flower of the Echinopsis cactus

Echinopsis cactus flowers

The first peaches of the season, very late, probably due to the fact that we did not have our usual spring rains

The first peaches of the season on my 20-year old peach tree

The Fiscal Shrike has been a busy Mommy, filling her larder for the two chicks in the nest

Cacti and succulents on a wooden pallet on my patio

The green, green grass of home

Pieces of a broken mirror hanging from a tree casting dappled spots of sunshine

Nasturtiums finding their way over a nearby log

An old paraffin lamp providing light on warm summer evenings

 Rain, wonderful rain!

Rain gauge showing 20mm of rain

My Rattail cactus in full flower

The kiss of sun
- for pardon
the song of the birds
- for mirth
One is nearer god's heart in a garden
than anywhere else on earth

I want to grow a flower for every time someone smiles.

The Zebra grass springing back after being chopped down in the winter.



  1. A lovely garden Maree! I wish I had nasturtiums, they just don't want to be with me!!
    Enjoyed reading.

    1. Oh wow! Can't believe that! If you can just get a little patch going somewhere Liz, that'll be a great start. Mine are now looking a bit worse for the wear in some places, due to the chickens scratching and jumping on them! ha ha! Yes, jumping, because some of them have trailed up old logs and even that doesn't escape the chickens' attention!


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