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Friday, 14 February 2014

This is my garden - a week in pictures

It has been weeks and weeks of rain but finally (I wasn't complaining!) the sun has appeared, bringing with it hot and humid temperatures. My chooks have been suffering the heat, hiding in any cool spot they can find and mosquitoes have become a real problem. Despite all my efforts of emptying anything that could possibly contain some water where they could breed, the garden is so damp that they are sheltering in any thick vegetation they can find.

Chi-Chi cooling off amongst the Leopard lilies

The bonus of all the rain is that everything is green, strong and flowering like mad and I also haven't needed to bring out the hosepipe. Isn't it just amazing that, no matter HOW much you water the garden, just a few millimeters of rain and everything doubles in size?

Echeveria glauca in a wheel barrow and Aloe ferox

Nasturtiums long and leggy from all the rain

 Cape Reed Grass in a pot

Pachyveria in a pot

 Tree Fuchsia (Halleria lucida) next to Aloe ferox


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