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Sunday, 28 September 2014

The garden in winter

Succulents in a pot - my Aeoniums turned bright red all along their edges

Artemis - the chickens enjoy a good scratch in all the open spots

Some of the Echeverias were still flowering...

Echeverias in a sheltered spot on the patio

A bare pathway - no Marigolds, no Nasturtiums...

The Hydrangeas suffering the onslaught of winter

Frost-bitten Sword ferns

This winter all but annihilated my Sword ferns...

Old Weavers' nests - relics from a busy summer

Zebra grass - luckily, after being cut down at the end of winter, they spring back in their full glory



  1. Na elke winter, BLOM 'n nuwe somer! Thanks for a look in your winter garden Maree!


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