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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Echeverias in summer

What can be more wondrous and soothing than the soft patter of rain on a roof? After a terrible few weeks of a horrible heatwave,  we've at last had a lot of rain and my Echeveria imbricata are thankfully  hosting their beautiful bell-like little flowers en masse this summer and are offering plenty of babies, ready for picking and transplanting. E. imbricata is not frost resistant and I have learnt the hard way, almost losing all my plants as we live in a heavy frost area. So I have transplanted all my stock into pots, bringing them indoors during winter.

Native to Mexico and also known as the Mexican Snowball, these beautiful rosette-shaped succulents are summer growers. Once established they can tolerate extended dry periods without watering but will grow stronger if they receive adequate water during their growing season. Free draining, porous soil is essential to prevent root rot.
Echeveria are shallow rooted plants and therefore benefit from good levels of organic matter in the soil. Good ventilation is important for minimising pest and disease risks. Generally, the more sun they get the better they will display their colours and shape, but protect them from excessive sun during very hot weather.

The beautifull bell-like flowers of E. imbricata

Echeverias sharing a wooden planter with Aloe zebrina

Camera : Fuji FinePix 2800Zoom
Location : My garden, Tarlton, Gauteng, South Africa



  1. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog, so much that it is a part of my morning ritual every day to read about your garden, birds, and chickens in South Africa. It takes me out of my little world here, to know that it is summer there, and to see your lovely tawny landscape colors, which you capture so well in your paintings--so different from the very green, very rainy Northwest of Oregon! Happy 2016!

    1. Oh wow Cheryl! I'm thrilled to meet you! Thank you for your kind words and your lovely description of Oregon, maybe one day I'll have the pleasure of seeing your world! I wanted to have a look at your blog, but Google+ won't allow me access (I don't use Goggle+, it has given me nothing but trouble! Smile!) Thanks again for your visit and may your 2016 be all that you wish for!

    2. Thanks for writing back--I did want to tell you that I don't (yet) have a blog, so that is why you couldn't find it! You do have a link on your blog to Danger Garden, which is from Portland, so you are connected to my city, already, if not to me directly. Your many blogs are inspiring, and maybe one day I will join you in this. Have a lovely week!

    3. Aaah, good news if you do start a blog Cheryl, please let me know if and when that happens! Have a great day!


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