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Monday, 1 February 2016

Re-use your egg shells

Being the natural "hoarder that I am, I find it very difficult to throw anything away, so I have been using egg shells in various ways throughout the years. I'm also a bit Obsessive Compulsive, I just love it how they feel when I break them in my hands! Apart from the obvious uses over Easter, I scoured the internet and added a few of my own ideas so here are but just a few to inspire you to re-use your egg shells!

Compost for Naturally Fertilized Soil
Eggshells quickly decompose in the compost pile and add valuable calcium and other minerals to the soil in the process.

Non-toxic Pest Control in the Garden
Scatter crushed eggshell around your plants and flowers to help deter plant-eating slugs, snails and cutworms without using eco-unfriendly pesticides.

Splendid Seedling Starters
Fill biodegradable eggshell halves with potting soil instead of using peat pots to start seedlings for the garden. And an egg carton on the windowsill is the perfect way to start a dozen tomato seedlings in shells before transplanting to the garden in the spring.

Eco-friendly Household Abrasive
Shake crushed eggshells and a little soapy water to scour hard-to-clean items like thermoses and vases. Crushed eggshells can also be used as a nontoxic abrasive on pots and pans.

Natural Drain Cleaner
Keep a couple of crushed eggshells in your kitchen sink strainer at all times. They trap additional solids and they gradually break up and help to naturally clean your pipes on their way down the drain.

Indoor gardening
I often use egg shells for little miniature indoor gardens. A few succulents planted in egg shells and placed in a sunny spots around the home brings your garden inside and does wonders for the morale!

Provide birds with a nutrient boost
Crumble the egg shells into small pieces and sprinkle them in the feeder. The calcium-rich shells will act as a natural supplement to help female birds lay strong eggs (which are about 95% calcium) and maintain bone health. I also sprinkle the crushed eggs shells over my chickens' food. Besides the calcium intake, it also provides roughage in their crops.

 And you thought eggs were amazing simply for their protein content!

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