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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

16 Signs You’re Dating A Gardener

  1. He can’t stay over because he has to get up early. No really. He wants to be up at sunrise to start planting.
  2. He wears overalls in a non-ironic way.
  3. Her motto is “no truck, no luck.”
  4. It looks like he’s growing a garden under his fingernails.
  5. He gets a serious case of plant envy when he sees your plot.
  6. She’d rather share her toothbrush than her hand trowel.
  7. He only makes plans with you on rainy days.
  8. Weekend road trips require stops at every native plant nursery along the way.
  9. She blew you off to claim her spot at the community garden.
  10. Compost and manure are considered appropriate dinner table conversation.
  11. Her Instagram feed is just a bunch of blooms.
  12. Dates before sunset are out of the question.
  13. Attending lectures together at the horticultural society is her idea of quality time.
  14. He thinks a romantic gift is one that he’s found in the garden section of Lowes.
  15. “Your bed or mine?” does not mean he’s trying to get you between the sheets.
  16. When you bring up the subject of kids, he says he’s only interested in raising seedlings.

    From OrganicLife

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