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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Cycad up-date (Cycas revoluta)

It has been just 6 weeks since I posted pics of my cycad flushing after I had been terribly worried that he might be dying, and look at him now! He seems to have almost doubled in size and is looking very lush and tropical!

My Cycas revoluta 6 weeks ago

Enjoying some mid-day shade

Don't the leaves just look beautiful and healthy?!

We've had tons of rain, 10-20mm just about every day and the garden is really loving it. The Hydrangea bushes are covered in flower heads, some as large as a dinner plate! Hydrangeas are not something I'll plant in my garden again any time soon - in the summer heat the water just disappears into our deep top soil, leaving me having to water them just about every day in summer, thank heavens for the past bounty of rain!


  1. I'm wondering what will become of the lower older leaves. Will they fall off, be pruned, or remain on the plant?

    1. Hi anonymous, at the moment none of the old leaves are brown or showing signs of turning brown, they are still healthy and green. I've been waiting for a trunk for years now, but no luck! I will not be pruning anything just yet, will let it happen by itself.

  2. Pruning the leaves act as a kind of stimulation for these plants, so at this stage it might result in another set of leaves being produced. And leaves that has not fully hardened off during winter is definitely something you don't want. I would suggest start feeding the plant with a high nitrogen based fertiliser from August and also prune all the old leaves and about 1 quarter of the new leaves also in August and would almost be guaranteed another set of leaves in the next season. Remember that these plants get certain simulations in nature that they don't get in our gardens, so we must create artificial ones (sometimes only to satisfy out own impatience).

    1. Thanks a lot for this great information A, I will certainly do that, but now I have to wait till August...?


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