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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Blooming in my garden - February/March

Tiny Erigeron fills the sunny spots with splashes of white. Hailing from Mexico, these perennials with small daisy-like flowers flower over a long period in summer

Lots of rain, and insects enjoying a refreshing drink

The Marigolds put up a grand show this year

Echeverias in a terracotta pot share space with the Marigolds

Bulbine frutescens almost at the end of their flowering season

A Hoverfly enjoys some nectar

In the middle of March, the plump Hydrangeas started waning

Lots of rain always produces these lovely toadstools all over my lawn

The middle of March and the Nasturtiums were still going strongly

Salvia still clinging to its flowers

Syzygium cordatum (pronounced si-zig-ee-um) is home to many birds and insects and produces these lovely berries at the end of summer
Other names : Waterbessie, umdoni, water berry

 Weeping Anthirucum (Chlorophytum saundersaie)

 Summer memories - Autumn is well under way and soon the cold will be with us.


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