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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Fickle (and no, it’s not a plant!)

I sit here before the world, a very fickle person. Somehow I thought that I would be able to quit having so many blogs (I’ve got 28!), keeping only those important to me and deleting the rest. In stead, I make most “private” every now and then, but just for a while before making it public again, confusing the hell out of Google Analytics! On and off. On and off.

The problem is, I can’t stand to see a “public” blog just lying there, with the last post being a year ago. One of my pet peeves is finding a wonderful blog, only to discover that it has been abandoned. I know that one changes, that one loses interest in a certain topic. That’s life. Life changes constantly and what I was interested in five years ago might not be applicable now anymore. But why don’t people then just delete it? Why don’t I just delete it, especially those that don’t get many hits and don’t seem to interest anybody?

One reason could be that I want to keep the blog URL. Once you delete it, it’s gone forever. Another reason is that I just LOVE designing blog templates. I get great pleasure out of designing and manipulating the html code to see what I can come up with. And once I come up with something I like, I don’t want to let go of it! Another problem is, I have s-o-o-o-o-o-o many interests. Art, nature, gardening, jewelry making, collecting aloes and succulents, books and reading, insects, cooking (only of late), animals and wildlife, birds, my chickens, and thoughts on the Universe as a whole. And I’ve got enough thoughts and experiences for each topic to warrant its own blog. I’ve thought of putting everything on just one blog, but I’ve been told that blog readers are very specific. They have their topics and interests, and only want to read about that. So if you’re a chicken-lover and there are many other posts on all sorts of other random topics, they don’t return to that blog.

Another part of the problem as to why I can’t delete any blogs might also be that, in real life, I’m a hoarder. Don’t get me wrong, not as in those “Hoarders” TV programmes, but as in “collecting” things - feathers, stones, pebbles, pieces of driftwood, shells, notebooks, journals, fountain pens, crystals, pieces of wire and wood (there’s always some building project going on somewhere here on the smallholding, so just in case I need it), even cardboard boxes, in case I need to pack something away.

In the dΓ©cor of my home I’m quite disciplined - I won’t display too much at one time, rather pack away a few things and bring out something new for a change. So there I’m OK, but my MAC is groaning under the weight of files, images, blogs and other useless information that I’ve collected over the years. A lot of it is necessary, like business and personal files, and as for the rest, it’s time for a clean-up. Fairly easy to do, just a bit time-consuming, but then, the internet is so full of wonderful stuff that needs collecting again!

Thank heavens Blogger allows you 100 free blogs! lol!

Would you like to see all sorts of other random topics on this gardening blog…? Let me have your thoughts, thanks!



  1. Hi Maree,

    I found your Gardening in Africa blog over a year ago from a search I was doing about aloes and echeverias. I bookmarked your blog and started to reading your post because most of your posts were on a subject that interested me. (And I really enjoyed seeing your succulent watercolors!)

    If your blog was instead a bunch of random post that I was not much interested in, I might not have started following your blog. And I would have missed out on many post that I have found interesting. I don't mind a few "off topic" posts now and then as I get to know the blogger a little bit better. But in general I read to the blog because of the narrower blog topic.

    No one is forcing me to read posts, so if I'm not interested in a particular post, I just won't read it. But if I find I'm not reading many post on a particular blog, I may do some cleaning up myself and remove the blog from my reading list.

    Blogs come and blogs go . . . some I wish would stay because some do make a great resource not only for information but inspiration as well.

    But time does change, life moves on, and sometimes things just need to be simplified and decluttered.

    1. Aaah, thank you for your wonderful feed-back Anonymous! Your words make perfect sense, I am also like that - if I find a blog that I like but there are too many "fashion" posts, I leave, can't stand fashion blogs! he he! And you're right, gardening is gardening and something else belongs elsewhere. So, rest assured, nothing but gardening (and aloes and echeverias) will be appearing here! Thanks for your time in commenting and for stopping by! Enjoy your day!

  2. Are some of your 28 just the template, with no actual content?

    I can't tell you how many posts I've read on gardening blogs apologising for going off topic. You may find the odd reader, there is always one who whines but it's not about the garden.

    Most of your readers, like you, have varied interests. Unless your blog is for a business there is no great reason to stick to a narrow topic - which may in time cause writer's block. My blog is mine, my rules, my choice what I write about. Since 2009 I have blogged about whatever. Mostly gardening, or travel in South Africa. But only mostly.

    1. Hi Diana, all the blogs have content, but 5 have been made private. And of the 23 that are public, 3 are for business. And there are many blogs, like yours, with varying topics that I do like reading, but mostly I prefer it when it is just one specific topic. By the way, just love your False Bay garden!

  3. I love your gardening blog, and the watercolor one. I haven't found all the others, but I encourage you to do mostly gardening on that one (chickens are ok there too), as that is what I love most, seeing what is happening so far away, in the opposite season of the year. It helps me escape my little worries here and remember what lovely and very different garden landscapes are out there, being loved by folks I would like to know.

    1. Thanks ever so much for your input Cheryl, it makes sense to stick to a specific topic, which is what I'll be doing. I also like to see what is happening in opposite seasons, especially how people handle winter challenges with their chooks and in their gardens. Thanks a lot for stopping by! xx


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