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Monday, 8 February 2016

My little green cactus

My little green cactus stands out there on the balcony,
What do I need red roses for, what do I need red poppies for?
And if some rascal says something ill-mannered,
Then I get my cactus and it pricks, pricks, pricks!
My little green cactus stands out there on the balcony,
Hollari, hollari, hollaro!

I just LOVE my Cactus trichocereus! I've reared him from a tiny little baby and his perfect columnar shape really is beautiful in its simplicity. And now I've noticed, just under the front pebbles, a baby coming up. I don't really want it, it's going to spoil the overall shape of my plant, but maybe I can remove it successfully and have a second one!

Trichocereus hybrids grow well in large pots or in the ground. They can be grown in full sun, but to avoid sunburn, it’s safer to grow them in light shade, under a tree. They respond dramatically to generous water and fertilizer. With weekly watering and monthly feeding, the best cultivars will flush massive blooms every two weeks or so for three months or even longer.

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