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Monday, 19 June 2017

First Aloe ferox flowers for the season!

I am so excited! Early already this winter has been freezing and I've been afraid that I won't have any Aloes flowering this season. And yet, here it is! My first flowers for the season! This fairly young Aloe (about 4 years old) is just outside my garden gate and is in full sun, maybe that's the secret. This area also gets very little water as it consists mostly of Aloes and the Coco splumosa trees are big enough to not need all that much water, rain only suffices.

I'm holding thumbs that my other older and bigger Aloes will follow suit with their lovely display of oranges.


  1. Hi Marie

    What is your favourite aloe? My top three is: peglerae, plicatilis and globuligemma. The only problem is that Plicatilis is more winter rainfall areas and frost sensitive.

    Enjoy, thanks.

    1. Hi A, my favourtes are ferox (naturally!), marlothii and also peglerae. I haven't got one, would love to lay my hands on one! Enjoyed your chat and thanks for stopping by! ♡


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