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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Clivias, and Bronchitis

My Clivias flowered right through winter (weird, right?) and some of the flowers show a bit of frost damage.The later flowers, like the ones below that started flowering last week, are a gorgeous colour and large and healthy.

Now, of course, I'm looking forward to the "rose hips" seeds, which also make the most beautiful display post-flowering. Two years ago I gathered some seeds and tried to grow my own plants, but it was a dismal failure. So now I know why these gorgeous plants are so expensive!

I have not  been around blogging for some time now (well, it feels like AGES!) At the end of May I went down with Pneumonia and just as I thought I was getting better 3 or 4 weeks later, I developed Chronic Bronchitis and ended up in bed, deadly ill, for three weeks and after surviving that, it took me another two weeks before I could get out of bed and function properly. Not something I would wish on my worst enemy.

But now I'm better, finally able to get round to my favourite past-times, gardening and blogging! At one stage I thought I was going to die and it has given me a new appreciation for life and being able to breathe in particular. I hope you have all been well and looking forward to connecting with you again.


  1. I am SO, so glad that you are better and I'm so much looking forward to see you again! My clivias are also flowering, you will enjoy sitting next to them! x

    1. Thanks a lot Liz! Sorry I missed your Clivias on Saturday, please give them my sincerest apologies!

  2. I am so happy to hear you are recovering! I thought maybe you had sold your place, and that that was why you were not posting about your garden. It was great to see photos of your clivias. I have very special memories of my Finnish immigrant grandmother, a wonderful gardener, with her clivias here in the northwest US blooming every year lushly as houseplants, when I stayed with her as a child. Hope you continue to regain your strength and enjoy your garden.
    Your faithful reader in Portland, Oregon, Cheryl Bela

    1. Hi Cheryl, unfortunately (or fortunately?) the sale of our property fell through, so yes, I am still here! I'm feeling stronger by the day and looking forward to spring, just a couple of weeks more now! So glad you could enjoy memories of your grandmother and her Clivias and I'm hoping to get hold of some yellow ones this spring, hold thumbs for me! Thanks a lot for stopping by Cheryl!


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